SUGAR EXCHANGE - A NEED ___________________________________________________________________________

Sugar is produced in 121 Countries and global production now exceeds 120 million Tons.

World sugar is short of demand by 14 million tons in 2010, due primarily to supply interruptions in India and Brazil.

The price of refined sugar is expected to reach a 20 year high of over 30 cents (UK) per pound on the commodity market.

In such an environment millers and buyers are faced with a myriad of agents making realistic trade difficult and costly – reliability, efficiency and fair price often not taking place.

Our sugar exchange provides a platform bringing buyers and sellers together in an environment that is secure and where stock figures and price is actual.

Millers and suppliers have to meet a stringent criteria to be invited to participate – this includes a proven record of sustainable supply and ability to deliver.

Suppliers compete for a buyers requests leading to prices remaining competitive and delivery of a high standard.


SUGAR EXCHANGE ___________________________________________________________________________

Both buyers and suppliers are invited onto the platform through an approval mechanism to ensure that all parties have one purpose and that is to trade – thus speculation is minimized and time wasters excluded.

The terms of trade are clear and specific and are managed by an experienced team including our international bankers and legal experts.

An escrow account is the preferred modus operandi of payment with an independent and internationally acknowledged institution as pay master.


ATTRACTING SUSTAINABLE TRADE ___________________________________________________________________________

The exchange is an environment attracting more and more suppliers with the knowledge the environment is purely made up of serious buyers.

This has given the exchange the ability to offer sugar in the millions of tons at world competitive prices.

At the same time the unique requirements and location of each buyer can be addressed without compromising efficiency of delivery and price.


SUGAR CANE ___________________________________________________________________________

Sugar - Cane is a highly diversified resource, offering alternatives for the production of food, fiber, feed and energy.

Owing to climatic factors, sugar-cane is chiefly found in developing countries. Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Mauritius and Zambia are example of countries where it is dominant.

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of sugar.

India is the world’s largest sugar consuming country and swings from being a net exporter to importer depending on the size of its harvests.

Sugar-cane proffers one of the most cost-effective renewable resources among those renewable energy options that are readily available in developing countries.

This flexibility is valuable for producers where fluctuations in commodity prices and weather conditions affect the vulnerability of economies.

Sustainable growing of sugar-cane is highly dependant on aggregate rainfall, water supply, soil conditions and distance to the mill.


SUGAR REFINING __________________________________________________________________________

Raw sugar is grown in tropical countries where sugar can be grown profitably.

It is then refined at source or shipped in bulk to a refinery in the country where the sugar is required.

It now has to be finally cleaned up, purified and made ready for the consumer.

Sugar refining is a series of steps from left to right where color and non sugars are concentrating to the left and pure sugar is concentrating to the right. Raw sugar comes in to the left of the centre.




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