SRM is a pioneering company with a fresh approach to industrial trading. By combining professional buying and selling with leading edge technology, we give our clients unprecedented competitive advantage.

Our vision is to create a global industrial exchange, focused on specific industries – the first being oil and gas.


WHAT WE DO __________________________________________________________

Put simply, we help our clients keep costs down and increase profits. Our task is to increase your profitability. The more successful we are in achieving this goal, the more successful we become.

Through our online exchange, we offer a range of unique services. Joining our exchange will ultimately benefit you, our client. Our solutions are underpinned by leading edge e-commerce technology. These SaaS (Software as a Service) systems we use to support you, will help cut input costs through sophisticated buying processes and increase profits through our online sales solutions. We tailor our services to meet your needs. Our solutions are flexible which means we aim to meet your specific goals. We can support your entire supply chain or individual elements. We work with you to make the results happen. Everything we do will help your company become more successful and add value to your bottom line. Whatever the service, we will set clear and measurable targets so you can see exactly what you’re achieving. And as we manage the project, you can focus on running the business.


OUR PARTNERS _______________________________________________________________________________________







Community Investment Holdings is 100% black-owned, with significant interests in six vital areas of the economy: Healthcare, Technology & Telecommunications, Logistics, Mining and Power and Energy

Mesure Specialised Solutions is a Community Investment Holdings company who offer shared and other unique solutions within the CIH group of companies and their clients. This inter-alia includes the services of SRM Solutions.







Doghouse Creative is the creative and design partner of SRM. Doghouse handles design and creative aspects of the SRM Industrial Exchange. click here to visit the doghouse website



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